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What We Provide

Virtual & Home

Virtual & Home

St Vincent’s Virtual & Home provides a diverse range of health and aged care services across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and nationally with a focus on acute (Hospital-in-the-Home), sub-acute (Rehab at Home, Palliative Care at Home), virtual (online mental health), and community care.

Today, St Vincent’s Virtual & Home delivers more than 180,000 physical and 250,000 digital episodes of in-home care each year, the equivalent of 200 virtual hospital beds.

St Vincent’s Virtual & Home’s services are designed to integrate with, and work across, a diversity of health and aged care settings and facilities.

We partner with governments, industry, and communities to connect people with the care they need and, in the process, address some of the health and aged care system’s most entrenched problems.

Why Virtual & Home?

With health and aged care undergoing unprecedented transformation, people want their services delivered either online or in their homes – when and where they need it – as much as possible.

They also want the same seamless online or digital experience they enjoy in other parts of their life. 

Thankfully, rapidly improving technology is allowing that to happen: not only with people’s access to virtual health through their watch, phone, or tablet, but also through things like wearable, consumable, or implantable devices, which can be monitored by health and aged care teams at a hospital hub elsewhere.

What we do

We reduce pressure on the health system by:

  • enabling consumers to choose where and how they receive their care;
  • supporting people to leave hospital and return home earlier;
  • reducing preventable hospital admissions; and 
  • connecting rural, regional, and metropolitan consumers and healthcare professionals to the expertise they need

How we work?

  • We draw upon our breadth of expertise, partnerships, and national footprint to collaboratively develop innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • We invite prospective partners to get in touch, discuss challenges and build solutions together.

Our Services

Virtual & Home’s range of health and aged care services currently includes: 

  • Community nursing and allied health (including Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Program and Transition Care)
  • Personal care and domestic support at home
  • Hospital in the Home
  • Rehab at Home: a short-term rehabilitation service for people recovering from orthopaedic surgery in the comfort of their home
  • Geriatric Management and Evaluation at Home
  • Residential Aged Care In-reach (hospital-equivalent care delivered in aged care facilities)
  • Palliative Care at Home
  • Post hospital discharge support program: providing clinical advice and short term care coordination to people at risk of hospital re-presentation 
  • Digital Mental Health (This Way Up): a clinically proven online platform to support people manage stress, anxiety, and low mood
  • Artificial Intelligence embedded within acute hospital environments to enable more patients to transition home earlier

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In a rapidly transforming world, St Vincent's has created a refreshed vision and strategy to help shape Australia's health and aged care future.