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Our Promise

Our Promise

This is the promise St Vincent's makes to its people, patients, residents, partners and the broader community.

It's the bar we set ourselves to make sure we are always delivering the care Australians need.


'Better' represents our continual pursuit of improving all that we do and the impact we make.


'Fairer' represents our passion and heart to provide care to all, no matter their wealth or status, and particularly for the most disadvantaged.


'Always' represents our past, present, and future commitments to ourselves and our community.

CEO Message

CEO Message

Better and
fairer care.

St Vincent's has been a leader in Australia's health and aged care landscape for more than 165 years.

Since our founders, the Sisters of Charity, opened our first hospital in 1857, our services, clinicians and researchers have been behind some of Australia's most important medical breakthroughs.

With medical science and technology moving at such a fast pace, health and aged care will soon begin to look very different from what it is today.

As a microcosm of Australia's health and aged care system, St Vincent's is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of the changes taking place around us.

Our refreshed strategy is all about the path we take to get there.

Chris Blake | St Vincent's CEO

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St Vincent's

What started with five Sisters of Charity who arrived in Australia in 1838, St Vincent's is a unique not-for-profit social enterprise that operates two major inner-city health networks in Melbourne and Sydney, 10 private hospitals, 26 aged care facilities, and a range of virtual and home care options across three states.


Our team of close to 30,000 dedicated clinicians, care providers, researchers, support workers, and administrators work from regional Queensland to Melbourne's western suburbs.


Each year, St Vincent's has more than one million contacts with patients and residents, including 300,000 admissions, 132,000 Emergency Department presentations, and close to 200,000 in-home care interactions.


Across our hospitals and co-located institutes, the St Vincent's research footprint is one of the biggest in Australia with 2,500 researchers and 3,000 annual publications.



Our mission

St Vincent's founders – the Sisters of Charity – gave us a mission: to provide care, first and foremost, to the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of our community.

The courage and compassion of the Sisters has been a hallmark of St Vincent’s since we began and has been at the heart of many of our proudest achievements, including opening Australia's first program for treating and studying alcohol dependence, establishing Australia's first methadone clinic, the first needle exchange, first HIV/AIDS ward, and first homeless health residential unit.

Today St Vincent's is a leading provider of services to people experiencing homelessness, people with alcohol and other drug dependence, people living with mental illness, First Nations peoples, and people in correctional facilities.

our mission

'to provide care, first and foremost, to the most disadvantaged and marginalised members of our community.'



Our challenge

Medical science and technology are moving at such a rapid pace that health and aged care will soon begin to look very different.

There are a range of other powerful influences shaping our work: our ageing population, increasing rates of chronic illness, burgeoning health and aged care costs, and peoples' changing preferences for how they receive their care.

People want their care to be personalised, affordable, effective, and either online or in their homes – when and where they need it – as much as possible.

We also know that innovations such as personalised medicine and Artificial Intelligence are bringing both challenges and new possibilities.

And despite increasing funding, many Australians – particularly people who are disadvantaged or living in rural and regional areas – still experience challenges trying to access health and aged care.

In a rapidly transforming world, St Vincent's has created a new vision – and a strategy for getting there – to both adapt to, and help shape, Australia's health and aged care future.

our challenges

'Not just for the people and communities we serve, but for all Australians.'

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision

Every person, whoever and wherever they are, is served with excellent and compassionate care, by a better and fairer health and aged care system

We will make unique contributions towards our vision in key arenas:


Health Equity

Unique care for underserved populations, addressing inequity and social determinants.


Chronic Care Platforms

Accessible, holistic and lifelong care platforms for preventing and managing chronic conditions.


Healthy Ageing

Better care pathways and residences for older people, integrating health, social and care needs.


Virtual and At-Home Care

Advanced virtual/at-home care, with hospitals as hubs, serving local, state and national needs.


Research and Innovation

Globally renowned research and innovation, catalysed by cross-sector collaboration on precincts.


Health Leadership

The best leaders in health and aged care in Australia, supported by outstanding training and development.



Our priorities

We will focus our efforts on three key areas:


OUR Impact

Continuously improve our care, enhancing positive impacts for our patients, people and planet.

    • Enhance the safety, quality, experience, and equity of our care for patients and residents.
    • Enhance safety, wellbeing and experience for our people.
    • Ensure sustainable funding, value and growth.
    • Reduce environmental impact.

Connect Care

Work together, building our shared capabilities and services to create the future of connected health and aged care.

    • Enhance leadership, culture and capability.
    • Accelerate connected care innovation, supported by digitalisation and hospitals as hubs.
    • Enhance research translation, partnerships and precincts.
    • Build future-focused clinician and carer education and training pathways.

THE System

Work with partners to shape a better and fairer health and aged care system.

    • Lead system-wide solutions addressing equity, access and outcomes for priority populations.
    • Embed First Nations’ voices and the principles of reconciliation.
    • Engage community in the future of health and aged care.
    • Build long-term partnerships for a better and fairer health system.



Our Strategy