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The SVHA Inclusive Health Program

This program is funded by St Vincent's as part of its commitment to improving the health outcomes for our priority vulnerable populations, as defined by our Mission.

What is Inclusive Health?

All Australians have a fundamental right to access health care, regardless of their situation, background or income. SVHA’s Inclusive Health Program aims to enhance care for people who are at risk of experiencing poor health outcomes. 

The program funds SVHA-related projects that address the impacts of poverty, marginalisation, and vulnerability on health and access to healthcare. Projects range from service innovation projects and capital works through to research and advocacy. 

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Key Figures

200+ Projects funded

Inclusive Health has provided funding to over 200 projects since we began.

76 Projects in progress

We are currently working on 76 inclusive health projects across SVHA.


Allocated so far to Inclusive Health Projects.

Priority groups for the program include

People experiencing mental illness

People experiencing homelessness

People experiencing alcohol and other drug addiction

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

People in prison

Project vision and objectives

Our mission is to provide access to healthcare for individuals experiencing marginalisation, poverty or vulnerability. We do this through our three broad pillars of work: service innovation, research and advocacy. We aim to remove barriers to healthcare and meet the health and wellbeing needs of all members of our community experiencing vulneranility.

In my experience, the Inclusive Health Program does exactly what it says: it enables our clinicians to pursue innovations that can make the most dramatic difference to the lives of those who might otherwise not get the access to the health services or system that you and I expect.
Margaret Stewart Executive Director Mission
St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Featured Project

Mobile Health Clinic

People who experience homelessness have higher rates of morbidity and mortality than the rest of the population, and often face multiple barriers to accessing health care. Find out more about how St Vincent's Mobile Health Clinic is tackling this challenge, thanks to the vision of our committed staff and with the support of the Inclusive Health Program.

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